Proud To Be A Plymouth Born Company!

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Martyn Phipps , Founder of Soupy Do !
All of my life I’ve had a strong passion for food and flavours. As a schoolboy, back in the 1970’s , I used to watch my Mother and Grandmother working in the kitchen and was fascinated by the process of turning raw ingredients into  the food dishes served up at the table.  The questions of How? Why? and When? meant that, as soon as I was big enough to use the cooker, I started to experiment with flavours and I “invented” dishes, that looking back, only a schoolboy would eat! 
Nevertheless, this gave me a good grounding for flavour experimentation and to then develop my cooking skills over the following years into something that I could be proud of.  In spite of my passion for cooking, I never wanted to be a chef, as I considered that would turn my passion into a job and potentially spoil the fun!
Then fate took control and during a discussion with my brother in law who is Gluten intolerant, we talked about the difficulty of finding Gluten free soups (&Gluten free foods in general). We laughed when we decided the better option for taste was the packet the food came in for some cases! Talking further with other friends, the difficulty in finding dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, low salt, low sugar soups without all of the additives  that go into foods nowadays, as well as Gluten free was mission impossible!
Challenge! Surely I thought, it must be possible to make an awesome tasting soup that is gluten free?  So, I set about not only to make a Gluten Free soup, but dairy free, meat  free, low salt and low sugar soup also! Oh yes, and why not low calorie as well!  After many months of experimentation I devised  the flavours  Soupy Do! now have available!
As one last playing card to make the full house, I wanted the soups to be as allergen free as possible. The good news is that Soupy Do Soups have no known Allergens in their content as per the EU guidelines on known Allergens!
Enjoy Your Soup!
Martyn Phipps
Founder of Soupy Do!