Our Soups


All of the soups are made with one aim and that’s to produce a tasty, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian Soup that is low in salt, fat and sugar!  Careful choice of the raw produce and my recipe writing means Soups have been created that have no known Allergens present! (Per EU regs). No sugar or salt is added, but naturally occuring sugars are present.

The soups are generally made to order and each batch is individually tasted to make sure a top quality product is maintained. (We do keep a small amount in stock). Where possible, produce is sourced locally, so the distance from field to table is kept to a minimum. Although the soups will keep for a month from the production date if they are refrigerated (see use by date on the lid), they can also be frozen, but with my recommendation that you freeze them on the date of purchase and decant them into a freezer bag or larger tub.